About US

Our butters originated because a little girl named “Koa” had many allergens such as soy, nuts and milk. Koa's mother asked me to make some meals for her and that's when I heard about sunflower seed butter. We researched many nut-free seeds and decided to create simple recipes.

Once the custom home delivery orders began booming, I decided to apply for a spot at the local farmers market, where you can find us with a variety of nut butters.

Using high quality, all natural and organic ingredients is huge part of our fabric. All of butters and made by hand in a commercial insured kitchen space. We're the premiere local seed and nut butter in Louisville.

Enjoy the wide variety of butters that are packed with protein and no added sugar or salt.

Happiness in a jar goes a long way.


Andrea Wells, Creator and Founder

Andrea Wells, Creator and Founder